Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Pharaoh's Gold Slots is an Ancient Egyptian themed, 3 reel 3 payline slot game with a progressive jackpot by Real Time Gaming. Like many of their other slot games, Pharaoh's Gold Slots has a fun theme and slick simple gameplay that puts the focal point of the game on the spinning reels and less on the other shenanigans that some games use to make up for poor gameplay. This game stays true to its theme and keeps it accessible with an easy to understand dashboard to avoid any confusion. The Bet Max button next to the spin reel button makes it easy to throw up a high wager when you feel like you're really on a roll! The coin sizes are a perfect balance that is suitable for the new player and for the high-rolling classic slot game aficionado with coin sizes beginning at $.05 and ranging to $.25, $.50, $1, and $5. While many slot games try and play it safe by keeping their coin sizes relatively low, Pharaoh's Gold Slots is ready for the big leagues with a huge coin size for serious players really looking to dig up some treasure from their living rooms.

The symbols engage well with the ancient Egyptian theme and are the green cobra, the Eye of Horus, the pharaoh, the scarab, and Ankh.

Online Jackpots and Hidden Treasures

To win the jackpot, there's no reason to play with fewer than three coins. The cobra, the pharaoh, and the scarab all have various payouts when three of them are spun respectively.

The Eye of Horus is the wild symbol and while it does not have a multiplier, it can still become any other symbol on the reels leading to powerful winning combinations.

One of the cool features of playing a Real Time Gaming slot game is that the progressive jackpot is a network jackpot that every player contributes with the more they spin. Meaning that randomly you can win an immense Real Time Gaming progressive jackpot!

It's Your Time to Get the Pharaoh's Gold

Pharaoh's Gold Slots is a fun, historic slot game that comes packing with a punch. If you're looking for a fun game with a wide range of coin sizes and a fantastic progressive jackpot that brings you and every other player, playing on the network together to compete with spins for the big win. The pharaoh's gold is just sitting there, why not give it a spin and take your share?