It's Good to be Bad Slots

Good to be Bad Slots is a 3 reel 1 payline beast of a classic slot game by Real Time Gaming. Many games add extra fluff to their game but it usually just turns out to be a scapegoat of poor gameplay. This game is packing a nostalgic fire with a classic cabinet dashboard with a fiery background. The paytable rocks a late night bar motif and there’s a “Bad” meter alongside the reels. If you’re a fan of retro slot games or just miss those nights on the casino floor, this slot game will get your heart pumping. The symbols are beautiful renditions of some of the old casino standards, you’ll find variations of Bars, different colored 7s, cherries, and of course devils.

The pride of Good to be Bad Slots is its simplicity and accessibility. There is no getting lost in over the top confusing game modes or weirdly triggered jackpots, the game is a clean efficient retro slot game in its prime. There is only one coin size and that is a quarter making the mac bet per spin $.75.

Special Jackpots and Features

“The loser now will be later to win” Bob Dylan sang and Good to be Bad Slots champions the same idea. If you lose four spins in a row you’ll be awarded a free spin. Another feature rewarding loss is one of the progressive jackpots that can only be won if the player loses 29 consecutive spins in a row. The jackpot for the standard progressive jackpot is about $30,000.

Your losses are monitored by the Bad meter on the side of the reels so you can easily keep track of how many more losses you need to score big!

Sometimes it’s Good to Be Bad

Take a step out of the anxiety filled spinning of massive slot games and sit back on this simple slot game. How can you beat a game that throws jackpots your way even if you’re losing? Good to be Bad Slots is a game that brings the nostalgic flare of the casino cabinets to your computer screen while implementing a great style that rewards you for losing! Good to be Bad Slots is a fantastic quarter slot game that should be on everyone’s favorites list. This game has a great feel and will remind you of those nights that turned into those days at your favorite casino having a blast and collecting some coins!