Three Stooges II Slots

Three Stooges II Slots
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Make Way For The Stooges!

Make way for The Three Stooges! Three Stooges II slots is a solid sequel to a beloved slot game that vows to intertwine the fantastic humorous characters of yesterday with a compelling and fun video slot that will keep your finger spinning while your mind dives deep into the deep nostalgia that these three comedy titans bring. Join Larry, Curly, and Moe on this fixed 3 payline video slot that thankfully focuses more on the gameplay instead of the style. While the theme and aesthetic of the game are essential and fun, they don’t oversaturate the experience, instead gameplay is refined and polished. The symbols are a nice touch in mixing this into a cohesive dose of yesteryear, the symbols you’ll find will be the car, the Cherry Clapperboard, Curly Howard, diamonds, lemons, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Stooges Studio, The Three Stooges II logo, the standard triple bar and of course, the triple 7!

What’s the Big Idea Here!?

Three Stooges II slots is a fun packed, feature rich game with huge potential to payout. This slot game comes complete with not one, not two, but THREE jackpots! The game has a minor jackpot that is reset at $50, a major jackpot that is reset at $200, and a progressive jackpot that is reset at $300! While these jackpots aren’t massive by any means, the fact that there are three of them, ups the ante that you may leave your time with the stooges with some wins under your belt!

Bonus Features and Big Cash Wins

Three Stooges II Slots comes couple with three bonus rounds for each of the three stooges respectively. If you spin three Curly Howards you’ll be thrown into Curly’s Cashola, where you’ll win 9 free games! During these free games all prizes will be doubled and if you somehow spin a mixture of the three stooges in any order, you’ll grab yourself another free game.

The next bonus round is called Larry’s Stash and it is triggered by spinning three Larry Fines. You’ll be brought to a huge new mode where a six-sided die will determine your special prize starting with the highest being 20 free games with a prize multiplier of 7, 15 free games with a prize multiplier of 6, 12 free games with a prize multiplier of 5, 10 free games with a prize multiplier of 4, 8 free games with a prize multiplier of 3, and 7 free games with a prize multiplier of 2. Once you’re in this mode there is no losing: either way you’ll be walking out with free games and a solid multiplier.

The grandest bonus round is called Moe’s Moolah and it also brings you to a prize ladder that is determined with six-sided die. The highest prize is 100 free games with a multiplier of 10, a 75 free games with a multiplier of 8, 50 free games with a multiplier of 6, 25 free games with a multiplier of 5, 15 free games with a multiplier of 4, and 10 with a multiplier of 3.

Not to mention the win-win feature that is tied into the bonus rounds where even if you lose on your spins you’ll be greeted with a bonus prize with a win between 5 and 100 times the bet.

Dive Back Into the Classics

Three Stooges II Slots is a seemingly fun, simple video slot game but beneath its tight exterior are massive prizes and enormously generous bonus rounds. Take your time but hurry up and get to spinning! You won’t regret hanging with the stooges!

Three Stooges II Slots :

Type3-reel, bonus, progressive, video
Coin size$0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.50, $5.00
Coins per line1
Max Bet$15
Multiplierup to 10x
Free spinsup to 100 Free Spins
Fun moneyyes
Bonus roundWin-Win Bonus Feature
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