Light Speed Slots

Time to Take it to Light Speed

Light Speed Slot is a straight blast of casino floor nostalgia that is sure to make you feel like you’re standing in front of one of your old favorite slot games. The metal sci-fi slot game is a 3 reel 1 payline game that offers up to 3 coins a spin coupled with a max bet button and a complete original dashboard that emulates the slot machine cabinets that line the floors at casinos and boardwalks around the world. The symbols are a nice touch of science-fiction that just makes the game feel a little more fun and engaging. Across the three reels you’ll find ray guns, robots, UFOs, stars, planet Earth, the robot, aliens, and the light speed symbol.

This isn’t a penny slot game, but it’s a simple game that keeps one coin size and that’s $.25 giving the max bet per spin just $.75.

The robot symbol is the wild symbol and will replace every symbol except for the Light Speed symbol.

The Lightning Speed Meter

Everytime you land a Light Speed symbol on the payline, a neon meter on the right side of the paytable increases. This is the Light Speed Meter and it will slowly build with each additional Light Speed symbol appears. Winning spins then are coupled with a specific multiplier respective of how high you raised the Light Speed Meter. The max multiplier is 7x.

The max win is three laser guns that will trigger the progressive jackpot. This jackpot will restart at $700 after it pays out. Following the progressive jackpot win, the next highest payout is a whopping 800 coins.

Hit the Light Speed

Light Speed Slots is the perfect blast from the past that delivers a heavy dose of nostalgia right to your computer screen. The dashboard comes coupled with the typical decorations that you would find in a real cabinet on a casino floor complete with a legacy lever to get those reels spinning. With a great slew of original science-fiction based icons and one of the most unique progressive jackpot mechanisms in slot games, Light Speed Slots by Real Time Gaming is not a game to be missed or ignored. If you miss the days of standing with a cup of quarters and pulling the lever while flying saucers and aliens spin across the reels, it’s time to kick it into light speed!